Terms and Conditions

Prospective Client understands that he/she has not retained TKT REP until payment has been received and Client has received written confirmation from TKT REP, that TKT REP has been retained. Automatic confirmation of receipt of your email to us is not confirmation that TKT REP has been retained, only that we have received your information. Follow up communication from TKT REP regarding your case is also not confirmation that TKT REP has been retained.  Until you receive confirmation from us and we receive payment, we do not represent you.

Attorney’s fees are not based upon an hourly rate and, to the extent permitted under California legal ethics rules, are nonrefundable and are earned immediately. The flat fee of $195 is only for basic traffic infractions and is exclusive of appeals, new trials, law and motion practice, discovery, and fines or court costs. The flat fee covers attorney appearances in court at the traffic ticket infraction arraignment and traffic ticket infraction trial.  If court costs, fines, or traffic school are imposed the Prospective Client shall remain solely responsible for payment of same. TKT REP does not offer a money back guarantee.  The $195 flat fee is only for basic traffic infractions and does not apply to other matters including but not limited to misdemeanors, failures to appear, warrants, driving under the influence (DUIs), hit and runs, and other similar matters.  TKT REP has the sole discretion to decide whether it believes any particular infraction is basic or not.

No representations have been made to the Prospective Client concerning the probability of success in their case, and no representations have been made as to which attorney will represent them, and an attorney employed by, or working at the direction of the firm may be substituted to represent the Prospective Client. TKT REP may arrange for local counsel to represent the Prospective Client, at no additional cost to the Prospective Client for their participation in the case.

Prospective Client authorizes the TKT REP or any attorney employed by, associated with, or working at the direction of  said firm to represent Prospective Client, to maintain Prospective Client’s not guilty plea, and defend the case at trial in Prospective Client’s absence. No promises or representations not set forth herein have been made to Prospective Client.  If the citing officer appears at the court trial, Prospective Client authorizes TKT REP to negotiate with the officer in an attempt to reduce the charge and authorizes TKT REP to enter into a no contest plea relating to the citation.

The information contained on this website does not create an attorney/client privilege and is not to be construed by the Prospective Client as legal advice specific to Prospective Client’s case. All cases differ and Prospective Client understands that TKT REP has made no representation, guarantee or promise regarding the outcome of Prospective Client’s case.

Any reviews by former clients, testimonials or shared outcomes are for informational purposes only. TKT REP does not guarantee the same result will occur in every case. Prospective Client understands and agrees that the information and data provided by any section of this web site are being provided “as-is” without warranty of any kind, and that they may be subject to errors or omissions. To the extent permitted by applicable law, TKT REP disclaims all warranties, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, accuracy and fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.