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Tips for what to do when you are being stopped. Never Admit to Guilt.

We previously explained the importance of cooperating with an officer and “being forgettable,” when you are pulled over by an officer. Another important tip to remember when you are being stopped is to never admit to guilt.

Never admit to guilt.

You should never admit to committing the infraction. The officer will use this against you. First, in every instance, the officer must prove that you committed the infraction. Just because you’re contesting does not mean that you have to testify, that the officer will appear at trial, or that they can prove their case. In addition, just because you agree that you committed the infraction doesn’t necessarily mean you deserve a ticket. For example, the fact that you were speeding does not justify an officer’s attempt to entrap drivers using an illegal speed trap.

Later on at trial, you may also be able to argue that your actions were “legally justified” under the circumstances or that they were necessary to avoid harm or being involved in accident. For example, while it may be illegal to cross over a double yellow line, doing so would be legally justified to avoid hitting a pedestrian.