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Tips for what to do when you are being stopped. Avoid Volunteering Information.

While you should always be polite and cooperative and never admit to guilt, it is also important to remember to avoid volunteering information when speaking to the officer.

Avoid Volunteering Information

In addition to not admitting guilt, it is also important remember not to volunteer information. A traffic ticket case can be won or lost depending on what you say – or don’t say. A good tip whenever you are pulled over is don’t speak first. Let the officer start talking.

Also remember that many officers try to get drivers to admit that they committed a violation. Try to answer the officer with short, non-committal responses. If the officer tells you how fast he or she thinks you were going, don’t argue or volunteer information. Give a short, non-committal response like, “I see,” or don’t say anything. The officer may also start off by asking you questions whose lack of a definite answer would imply guilt. Try not to fall for this trap. For example, the officer may ask, “do you know why I stopped you?” You can respond with a simple, non-committal – “No.” If the officer asks – “do you know how fast you were going?” – a lack of a definite response may imply that you weren’t paying attention to your speed. Instead, a short, confident and non-committal, “Yes” or “I do,” may be appropriate.