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Other tips for what to do when you are being stopped

Other tips

As soon as you see the police lights, put on your turn signal and pull over to the right safely and quickly. This signals to the officer that you are cooperative and intend to obey his instructions. By stopping as soon as you can, you also increase your chances of determining where the officer says you committed a violation so that you can make sure the officer’s observations regarding how you were driving were correct.

After you have pulled over, roll down the window all the way and keep your hands in a place where the officer will be able to see them, for example on your steering wheel. Avoid sudden movements. Don’t bother going through your glove compartment, bags or pockets for your license and registration until the officer asks you for them. The officer may think you are reaching for a gun.

When the officer approaches don’t ask “What’s the problem?” or “Why did you pull me over?” One of the first things the officer will do is ask for your license and registration. Don’t insist that he or she tell you why you were stopped before cooperating. Remember let the officer speak first. Just answer, “okay” or “sure,” and then hand over the documents.